Thursday, February 28, 2013

Traditional living room in red, yellow, and blue

To put together the three primary colors - red, yellow, and blue - is very daring; this association is very strong, and it raises challenges.
Living room. Interior photo via Traditional Home

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Our Own House - The Courtyard, as work in progress (II)

This is our courtyard, the way it looks at the moment - as work in progress.

Here is how the courtyard used to look shortly after we moved in.
The courtyard in our own house as work in progress.

In my previous post showing the courtyard I was saying that I would like "to paint and stencil the concrete floor with an interesting pattern, geometric perhaps". 

However, later on I decided rather to add texture to the floor via the pebbles, and to add color via the accessories.

So, I filled the courtyard's floor with pebbles (more pebbles are yet needed to cover the surface completely), 
I infused accent colors via:
- the multicolored cushions on the chairs, 
- the decorative green earthenware flower pot on the coffee table, 
- the blue and green glass vases in front on the big potted plants,
- the green ribbons tying the sheers on the walls. 

This view is from the entry hall towards the breakfast area.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Farmhouse Living room in France

This is a no fuss place and atmosphere to live, relax, or disconnect from the rest of the world if you enjoy the country style. border=

Most of the pieces look vintage or they are made-to-look-old and they integrate with the country character, with the muted colors, and with the decayed surfaces.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Minimalist interior in Australia

At first glance, this interior seems appropriately decorated - the minimal aspect of the furnishings take the focus on the fantastic openness of the space: the floor-to-ceiling glass doors let the interior to flow and merge with the outdoor.

But then, several things and choices spoil the end result:

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Vibrant orange in a feminine bedroom in Palm Beach

The hues in this interior derive from a color scheme of the three primary (red-yellow-blue).
Bedroom; Palm Beach, USA. Nancy Pearson. Interior photo via Traditional Home.

Theoretically, the combination has a good beginning:

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Our Own House - The Library / Tea room, as work in progress (III)

This is our Library/Tea room, the way it looks at the moment - as work in progress.
The Library/Tea room in our own house as work in progress.

It happened that I found the black sofa way much sooner than I could have thought.
Well, to start with, I wasn't even actively looking for a sofa at this moment, but the unexpected find proved to be a perfect piece both in terms of shape and color - I absolutely love the sofa's interesting boat shape, the black velvet upholstery, and the gold piping detail that breaks the expanse of black.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Eclectic glamorous living room in Dallas, USA

I like this room - it's a daring yet coherent and well done eclecticism.
The decor includes a great variety of periods, styles and textures, in addition to the display of mirrors and other shiny surfaces, yet these pieces are in visual accord being united by a color palette that is kept simple (although very rich at the same time).
Living room; Dallas, USA. Interior photo via Elle Decor.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Our Own House - The Master Bedroom, as work in progress (I)

This is our Master Bedroom, the way it looks at the moment - as work in progress.

Follow me on my future posts to see how the space will evolve.
The master bedroom in our own house as work in progress.

This is a very generous space, where the king size bed almost looks small.

At left the master bedroom opens to the master bath and to my husband's dressing room.
At right the master bedroom opens to my dressing room.

In front the master bedroom opens to the courtyard.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Classic red and green library

A  beautiful classic room in which this particular hue of green (re)creates an old world elegance and distinction, and at the same time the hue acts as a wonderful background for the display of antique pieces.
Library; Virginia, USA. Interior photo via Architectural Digest

Monday, February 11, 2013

My Style

In putting together this outfit I started with the dark red wool below knee pencil skirt.

The two necklaces are my own design.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Eclectic bedroom

Eclectic in itself means 'selecting individual elements from a variety of sources or styles'.
An eclectic interior could work beautifully providing there is a link of some sort between the individual elements.
Bedroom; Emma Jane Pilkington. Interior photo via Traditional Home.

When the link that should contribute to this unity is missing, when there is no cohesive relation and harmony between the design choices basically what is left are only individual parts, which, no matter how beautiful they are individually they will struggle to form a whole.

In this interior besides that there is no relation between the furniture choices the 'ingredients' jump at you all at once also: 
- the very large wide-striped rug,
- the tall dresser,
- the large bed, 
- the ceiling light, all of them have a very strong personality, and a too strong presence that together create nothing else but conflict. 
In other words there is no visual hierarchy - which element is the most important one? what are the less important elements?
And in spite of so much personality going on in this interior the room feels bare, it feels unfinished.

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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My Style

Wearing an outfit that is about mixing the opposites, layers, and going bold on combining big, lace, and gold.

I started this outfit with the pair of fitted jeans.
I wanted to achieve a glam yet casual look (playing with the opposites).

So, here is what I did:
- I combined the jeans with a loose, delicate fabric, patterned top worn over the jeans;
- to get the 'glam' part I layered the top with a gold lace vest;
- then, to give a casual feeling to these delicate pieces, and also to give them some strength I tied them with a wide yellow-brown leather and big gold buckle belt.

Accessories, Shoes & Hair:
- I layered two necklaces: a long worn gold metal chain together with a long, big, bright gold necklace.
The necklaces are very casual yet because I wear them together, and because of the size of the bright gold one they make a clear, bold statement.
- simple black suede booties, and my 'messy curly' hair bring a casual, relaxed feeling to the outfit.


Monday, February 4, 2013

Our Own House - The Library/Tea Room, as work in progress (II)

This is our Library/Tea room, the way it looks at the moment - as work in progress.
The Library/Tea room in our own house as work in progress.

Here is what I have done in/with this space since my previous post.
I brought in a few furniture pieces:
- a round white table;
- a white glossy desk / console table;
- a bookshelf;
and more lighting and accessories:
- two tall table lights for the desk / console in the wall niche;
- two very large mirrors.
The Library/Tea room in our own house as work in progress.

Do you remember? Behind the two large mirrors were (and still are) two windows. Have a look here.

I chose to place two large mirrors in front of these windows:
- because the space has plenty of natural light coming from the courtyard, so I can 'afford to lose' these windows;
- because although I covered the windows the mirrors capture a lot of light, and they greatly reflect both the indoor space as well the outdoor (the courtyard); 
- because the mirrors make the space so much larger;
- and because I just like mirrors. 
So, in addition to 'Library' and 'Tea room' I suppose I could call this room the 'Mirrors room' too.

At the moment, the mirrors are leaning against the wall. They have to be hung up on the wall.
The Library/Tea room in our own house as work in progress.

The color scheme is white and brown with green, silver, gold, and black accents. 
For this space I like this color scheme very much - it's calm, quiet, elegant, and with so many mirrors around I feel it's enough interest coming from the mirrors, and I don't need to add more interest in the form of color. I think I will keep it this way.
The Library/Tea room in our own house as work in progress.
The Library/Tea room in our own house as work in progress.

I choose a round table, and rounded corners mirrors in order to connect these pieces with the other round shapes existent in here - the decorative mirrors, the chairs, the plants' pots, the ceiling arch (you can see it above the plants).
All these round shapes are graceful and they give the space a warm feeling.
The Library/Tea room in our own house as work in progress.

Follow me to see how this space will continue to evolve.


Friday, February 1, 2013

My Style

In putting together this outfit I started with ... well, with the black patterned stockings.

The necklace is my own design.

I don't remember if I have ever worn patterned stockings.

But one of these days I found myself in a store in front of a long shelf of patterned tights, and this was the moment when I decided that I want to give a try to this whimsical piece of clothing.

And I decided that I want to incorporate this fun piece into a more serious-looking type of outfit. 
In other words I decided, once again, to play with the opposites.

So, here is what I did.
I combined the floral patterned stockings with more pattern on the upper part: 
- wide horizontal stripes on the blouse, 
- small plaid and checkered pattern on the jacket. 

The black-grey-white color palette provides unity / keeps the mix of patterns from going out of control, while the different patterns in different sizes introduce variety within this unity.  

I tied the loose blouse with a narrow knitted belt to give it a more structured feel that connects with the formal feel of the jacket.

Shoes & Accessories:
Black suede booties, a man's watch, and a long necklace of my own design complete the outfit.

The blue, jade green and red in the necklace introduce a hint of color.

The structured shape of the jacket, the man's watch, and my hair pulled back add seriousness to the outfit, while the loose blouse, the casual skirt with two front zipper pockets, and the necklace's large size, relaxed feeling relate with the stockings' whimsicality around which I built this outfit.
My own necklace design