Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Library - Haymarket Hotel, London

My project choice for today: the library at the Haymarket Hotel, a boutique hotel in London.

The Library, Haymarket Hotel, London. Tim and Kit Kemp.

This space is about the conspicuous mix and layers of patterns on a color scheme that is not too commonly encountered, and this combination of colors and patterns produces a visual density that for sure stirs up some feelings.

I love this departure - it is refreshing to see a hotel interior that doesn't have a generic, neutral, identical feel but, on the contrary, it expresses so much individuality.
And I love how this space is realized.

The abundance of patterns that come in a blend of contemporary abstract, oriental, and ethnic inspired designs are concentrated in the central area of the space while the perimeter of the space (the walls) is covered in solid colors, and these free of pattern surfaces offer some visual relief.
Also, the walls that have two different, but linked, hues - muddy purple and grey - is yet another particular point counting in the final result.

The play of classic, contemporary, eclectic is further extended into the details: a small portrait in a gilded frame adorns the space above the fireplace, a collection of white-and-blue Chinese vases are placed in front of an abstract contemporary frameless artwork, and these choices contribute to an exciting mix of contrasts.
At the same time, the very large size of the artwork, the very long console placed beneath it, and the group of objects on top of the console create together an arrangement that balances the presence of the bookshelves on the adjacent wall.

The clear symmetry in the seating arrangement (two identical sofas, two identical chairs flanking the fireplace) creates a classic setting and brings a sense of stability, and this arrangement also carries forward the effect of the classic ceiling molding, the classic design bookshelves.
The choice of deep, dark colors have a calming, 'slow down' effect, with an added dose of mystery.



  1. Nice project choice! Very different space, great talent to put together that mix without looking kitsch. Love your unique blog!!

    1. Thank you very much.
      I love this project too. Great ability indeed to pull together those patterns.


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