Thursday, April 18, 2013

Traditional Blue and White Living Room

Here are my observations, thoughts, comments on this space - a living room in the USA.

What I like:
- It's a pleasant, calming blue-white-grey color scheme with yellow, gold, and brown color accents, and with blue-and-yellow floral and stripe pattern accents in the window treatment and the decorative pillows.
Living Room; USA. Kevin Isbell. Interior photo via House Beautiful.

What I don't like:
- A big, loud 'I can't believe it' is for the placement of a sofa in front of a door.

It looks like the designer had an explanation for this choice: 'The room beyond is the family room, and we thought, 'Why do we need two entries with this compact floor plan?'

So: Is blocking a doorway in this way a sound design decision?

Placing a sofa in front of a doorway is plain ridiculous, and it makes the space looking like a cheap improvisation in a dormitory-type of place.

But the designer didn't stop here.
He went even further and in addition to blocking the door he added a huge mirror in front of the doorway, with the naive intention and hope of 'creating the feeling of a solid wall'.

The result turns out to be the exact opposite: the eyes are attracted immediately by the weird, tacky arrangement, and 'solution', and the mistake is only emphasized.

And you know what?
This problem - of concealing an unnecessary door - actually could have been so elegantly solved: HANG A BEAUTIFUL TAPESTRY / RUG / TEXTILE in front of the doorway (the piece should be large enough to cover the door entirely).
No one would ever guess that there is a door behind the piece.
And the eyes would be drawn to admire a beautiful piece and not to laugh at how silly the method of solving a problem is.


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  1. Good assessment Oana. Did you note 'he'? as the decorator? Seemed rush to spend his client's money (that mirror probably cost over $800 and what's with that curtain print material by the window?)

  2. Great points. And great and simple idea of how to actually disguise a door that you don't want to use. Excellent blog!

  3. Thank you both.

    @ Bernadette: I don't see it as problem that the mirror might have a high price.
    What I see it's a problem is when any amount of money is spent toward an uninspired / inappropriate / unnecessary object.


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