Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Our Own House - The Living Room, as work in progress (Makeover II)

This is our Living Room, the way it looks at the moment - a new makeover, as work in progress.

Here is the previous look/version of this room.

The Living Room in our own house as work in progress.

I kept most of the pieces since the previous post, but I completely rearranged them.
Here is what I did, how I played with the pieces this time:
- I took out: the red lip chair, the round shaggy rug, and the coffee table (which, BTW, is now in the courtyard);
- I reversed the position of the two classic paintings - I wanted to give them more visibility so I moved them (from the two niches next to the entry in the room) to the opposite side of the room (flanking the fireplace);
- I brought in a brown ceramic accent table, and I placed it between the two zebra upholstered ottomans. I did this to supplement the places where you can put a glass on since the green accent table placed central is too small to fit all the people that could seat around; 
- I 'layered' the narrow mirrored accent table with a mirror that I used to have it on the coffee table. I did / improvised this to give more presence to the accent table, that would have been otherwise too small placed in this new position.
- I brought in an accent table at the other end of the sofa. This piece used to be in the entry hall;
- I change the palm's pot - I placed the palm in a new, smaller, pot that works better with this new arrangement;
- I took out / added a few accessories.

The Living Room in our own house as work in progress.

The Living Room in our own house as work in progress.

Which versions of the room you like more? The Second version, the Initial one, or this one?


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  1. I love all the versions of your living room. They all have different personalities.
    AND, I absolutely love to see what you do, meaning how, basically with the same pieces that you re-arranged, you created three different styles (so far? smile)!

  2. Very inspiring! Love the result, and how you rotate things in your home.

  3. Me too, like the previous posters, love the way you arranged the furniture. Airy, light, cozy.

  4. Thank you (everyone).

    Yes, things don't stay for too long in the same position.
    I like to experiment, to move the smaller pieces around, to play with the accessories ...

    @ Doina: this is such a light and airy look/result indeed.
    It's mainly due to the fact that I took out the large coffee table and replaced it with two smaller pieces.

  5. Love the room's transformations.


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