Friday, March 8, 2013

Contemporary living room in Montreal, Canada

You know what I like about this interior?
I like the fireplace - for creating an impressive focal point.
I like the fireplace - for its very appropriate scale in this generous, double-height space.
I like the staircase - for its intricate design that creates a very interesting contrast with the minimal sleek design of the fireplace.

You know what I don't like about this interior?

I don't like that the furniture layout completely misses to punctuate the fireplace as the focal point of the space.
I find it striking to have such a strong focal point that is impossible to deny it, yet to ignore it by placing the furniture in positions that do exactly this (totally ignore the focal point).
One, large, seating area is placed next to the window while another, small, seating area is again facing the window in a position perpendicular to the fireplace and away from the fireplace - this arrangement creates a hollow area in front of the fireplace and an ambiguous aesthetic.
Living Room; Montreal, Canada. Gestion Rene Desjardins. Interior photos via Freshome.

What do you feel about this interior? And Why?

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  1. Are there two round accent tables next to the chair at the window? It looks weird ..


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