Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Contemporary Glamorous Eclectic Living room in New York

You know what I like about this space?
I like how the large painting in saturated blue and green colors is positioned central, above the mantel, And how this large painting is paired with two other pieces that come in smaller sizes and in soft, faded colors but in a related color palette (the photo and painting at left).

Living Room; New York, USA. Robert Couturier. Interior photo via Architectural Digest.

In other words I like the advancing - receding play, I like how both contrast (in size and saturation) and a very nice visual hierarchy are created at the same time - the large, saturated painting becomes one of the room's defining visual elements, while the other two pieces have more of a 'supportive' role, yet they are standing on their own.

And I like how the blue is repeated throughout in various degrees of saturation and value creating both variety and unity.

Oh, and I love how the iconic 'Egg' chair (an Arne Jacobsen design) succeeds to share the center stage with the painting - black fireplace combination but it does it in a subtle, classy manner due to the quietly elegant brown leather upholstery choice.

What do you feel about this interior? And Why?

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