Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bay Window in Beverly Hills

This space is beautiful in its simplicity.
The huge windows with geometric pattern create an excellent focal point, and together with the view of the outdoor greenery and the banquette following the contour of the bay window they create a very appealing, calming and inviting setting.

Bay window; Beverly Hills, USA. Waldo Fernandez. Interior photo via Elle Decor.

What I like:
- the choice of the two open back black chairs.
The chairs' open backs don't interfere with the decor that is focused on the outdoor.
The chairs' traditional rustic design and vertical lines bring variety to the decor.
The wood and the dark color create a color and texture contrast with the soft and neutral banquette seating.

- the sculpture on a pedestal at right.
The slim, tall proportions, and the minimalist form create another, less obvious, contrast while the black color creates unity.
This piece punctuates the space perfectly.

What I don't like:
- although the two black chairs are a good aesthetic choice they don't look to me as a very comfortable one;
- the styling for this photo with the two extra large leaves seems overdone - although the yellow-green in the big leaves brings a spot of color to the neutral color scheme their enormous size grabs too much attention.
Their presence looks like a bombastic accessory that takes away from the beauty of a simple dress.

What do you feel about this interior? And Why?


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  1. Very nice to read your insights, you point out very well things that I am not able to see by myself.


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