Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Vibrant orange in a feminine bedroom in Palm Beach

The hues in this interior derive from a color scheme of the three primary (red-yellow-blue).
Bedroom; Palm Beach, USA. Nancy Pearson. Interior photo via Traditional Home.

Theoretically, the combination has a good beginning:

- the red was chosen to be the dominant color,
- yellow hues have a secondary presence,
- accents come from the addition of pink and blue;
- the dominant red is vibrant, and the rest of the hues are pastel so their intensity creates contrast, and they don't compete;
- the wallpaper and the curtains create a focal point wall.

But then, the details take the result in a different direction:
- the red is dominant but not in a positive way - the red has too much presence, is overpowering;
- all the pieces that come in the yellow, pink and blue hues (yellow headboard & footboard, pink pleated lampshades, blue pillowcases and sheets) look very dated - they create a combination of colors and styles that looks rather tacky;
- the wallpaper flanking each side of the bed looks like a mistake - the choice of using different pattern for each side is out of place, the asymmetry that is created feels like an accident;
- the bed's placement in front of / blocking the access to the windows - is very bad.

This room looks an interior that wanted to be lavish glamorous but it missed it.

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  1. I like how you pointed out what looked like a good beginning, and how you explained the details that created a completely different outcome.


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