Thursday, February 28, 2013

Traditional living room in red, yellow, and blue

To put together the three primary colors - red, yellow, and blue - is very daring; this association is very strong, and it raises challenges.
Living room. Interior photo via Traditional Home

The combination in this interior is so poor:
- each of the three primary colors cover an approximately equal surface,
- all three primary colors have the same high intensity.
The eyes keep bouncing from one bright primary color to another, the eyes keep bouncing from the bright yellow on the walls to the red on the chairs, pillows, rug to the blue in the rug, pillows.

To make a (any) color scheme work try to have a color that dominates, and the other colors that act as secondary and accents, and try to have variations in the intensity of the colors you choose.

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  1. Thank you for your comments/explanations about combining the right amount of color and intensity.

  2. Well, I think colors in equal amounts work only in the national flags.


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