Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Our Own House - The Library / Tea room, as work in progress (III)

This is our Library/Tea room, the way it looks at the moment - as work in progress.

The Library/Tea room in our own house as work in progress.

It happened that I found the black sofa way much sooner than I could have thought.
Well, to start with, I wasn't even actively looking for a sofa at this moment, but the unexpected find proved to be a perfect piece both in terms of shape and color - I absolutely love the sofa's interesting boat shape, the black velvet upholstery, and the gold piping detail that breaks the expanse of black.

The Library/Tea room in our own house as work in progress.

Given the new big furniture piece I had to rearrange the existent pieces a little bit, and I brought in a few new pieces.

Here is what I did:
- I pulled the round white table with the two chairs more toward the hall to make room for another seating area created by the presence of the sofa;

- I re-positioned the white glossy desk / console - from the wall niche at left in a new spot, behind the sofa.
I did this because I felt the sofa really needed something to go behind it, I didn't like how the sofa looked pushed all the way to the wall.
In this new position the white piece acts now solely as a console table that holds the two tall lamps and a display of a few decorative pieces, including a big globe which I love.
Because of the large mirrors most of the objects on the console are so nicely reflected, and I had to take care to place objects that look good with their back reflected in the mirrors.

- I brought in from another room the small ottoman that sits in front of the sofa.
This is a very good piece - it acts both as a piece you can put something on while you sit on the sofa, and a piece you can sit on if you join a conversation that happens at the table.

- I re-positioned the palms in the wall niche, and I created a new nook by bringing in from a different room the small drawer chest that goes in between the palms.
I placed a decorative object - a hand-shaped candle support - on top of the chest.
Behind the palms I placed two small lamps - the hidden light creates a very nice effect, plus that area being a dark corner needs some light or else it looks pretty bad / sad.

- A barely there reading lamp makes the sofa a wonderful, cozy place to sit on and read.

The Library/Tea room in our own house as work in progress.
Follow me to see how this space will continue to evolve.


  1. I love to follow the progresses you make with your wonderful house.

  2. Very nice. Elegant and inviting.


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