Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Our Own House - The Courtyard, as work in progress (II)

This is our courtyard, the way it looks at the moment - as work in progress.

Here is how the courtyard used to look shortly after we moved in.
The courtyard in our own house as work in progress.

In my previous post showing the courtyard I was saying that I would like "to paint and stencil the concrete floor with an interesting pattern, geometric perhaps". 

However, later on I decided rather to add texture to the floor via the pebbles, and to add color via the accessories.

So, I filled the courtyard's floor with pebbles (more pebbles are yet needed to cover the surface completely), 
I infused accent colors via:
- the multicolored cushions on the chairs, 
- the decorative green earthenware flower pot on the coffee table, 
- the blue and green glass vases in front on the big potted plants,
- the green ribbons tying the sheers on the walls. 

This view is from the entry hall towards the breakfast area.
The courtyard in our own house as work in progress.

I hung sheers on the walls, I re-positioned the decorative tiles on the wall, and I brought in:
- two tall metal and mirror accent tables, 
- the coffee table that used to be in the living room (yes, the coffee table should withstand the elements since it's made of stone and metal, 
yes, the living room has gone through a new makeover, and I will post the new photos soon)
The courtyard in our own house as work in progress.
The courtyard in our own house as work in progress.

This view is from the breakfast area toward the entry hall.

Follow me to see how this space will continue to evolve.


  1. Very nice, relaxing. What a great idea - the pebbles are perfect, and I love the accent colors and the sheers on the walls.


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