Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My Style

Wearing an outfit that is about mixing the opposites, layers, and going bold on combining big, lace, and gold.


I started this outfit with the pair of fitted jeans.
I wanted to achieve a glam yet casual look (playing with the opposites).

So, here is what I did:
- I combined the jeans with a loose, delicate fabric, patterned top worn over the jeans;
- to get the 'glam' part I layered the top with a gold lace vest;
- then, to give a casual feeling to these delicate pieces, and also to give them some strength I tied them with a wide yellow-brown leather and big gold buckle belt.

Accessories, Shoes & Hair:
- I layered two necklaces: a long worn gold metal chain together with a long, big, bright gold necklace.
The necklaces are very casual yet because I wear them together, and because of the size of the bright gold one they make a clear, bold statement.
- simple black suede booties, and my 'messy curly' hair bring a casual, relaxed feeling to the outfit.


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