Monday, February 11, 2013

My Style

In putting together this outfit I started with the dark red wool below knee pencil skirt.

The two necklaces are my own design.

I wanted to give a twist to the classic style of the skirt, and to wear it in a way / in an outfit that is still classic yet more casual and effortless looking.

Here is what I did.
I chose a fitted white top to act as a neutral / as a background on which to layer the other pieces.

To keep things balanced I combined:
- plain on the bottom with pattern on top - plain red skirt with light blue-and-grey stripe knitted sweater,
- long on the bottom with short on the top - long skirt with short sweater.

Accessories, Shoes & Hair:
- I wear a pair of grey pointed-toe sling-back shoes that relates in terms of color to the color of the sweater, and in terms of style it relates to the classic style of the skirt;
- I layered two necklaces of my own design that are in a red color palette that relates to the color of the skirt. At the same time by wearing them together I transmit a carefree feeling;
- a pair of black leather gloves, a black-and-white leather bag, and a straight hairstyle finish my nonchalant-classic combination and outfit.
My own necklace design
My own necklace design


  1. Very nice classic, elegant, in a nonchalant way / combination. I love the way you dress!

  2. Forgot to say that your necklaces are gorgeous.


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