Thursday, February 21, 2013

Minimalist interior in Australia

At first glance, this interior seems appropriately decorated - the minimal aspect of the furnishings take the focus on the fantastic openness of the space: the floor-to-ceiling glass doors let the interior to flow and merge with the outdoor.

But then, several things and choices spoil the end result:
Dining area; Mosman Park, Australia. Interior photos via Freshome.

- the size of table / the dining set is completely inappropriate for the large space - the dining table is too small and too slender for such a generous space and it looks lost in there;

- the seating piece along the wall - it's a piece that arouses wonders: why it is not positioned differently so the people seating there could enjoy the view of the outdoor without turning their head left or right?
Why people sitting there have to face a dining table when they have a so much better choice?
Plus the low height of this piece creates a discordant contrast with the high position of the floating shelf on the opposite wall.

- the red pendant is an eyesore - it has a very distracting presence, and its size that is accentuated by the bright color is huge compared to the size of the table below;

- the yellow-frame around the interior sliding doors - is another distracting element.
By painting the frame in a different color the frame and the door are emphasized when they have absolutely no merit to be.

Both the red pendant and the yellow-frames succeed only to compete for attention and they divert the attention from what is really good in this project: the openness to the outdoor.

In other words: poor furniture placement, bad furnishings scale, conflicting emphasizing.

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