Friday, February 15, 2013

Eclectic glamorous living room in Dallas, USA

I like this room - it's a daring yet coherent and well done eclecticism.
The decor includes a great variety of periods, styles and textures, in addition to the display of mirrors and other shiny surfaces, yet these pieces are in visual accord being united by a color palette that is kept simple (although very rich at the same time).
Living room; Dallas, USA. Interior photo via Elle Decor.

The mix in the seating arrangement is quite amazing:
- two classic gilded wood and upholstery chairs,
- a fur covered sofa,
- two iconic modern steel and upholstery chairs (by Warren Platner).
Although these pieces bring a variety that is clearly intriguing in the different periods, styles and range of materials that are put together the proportions, the colors, and even the lines and shapes of these pieces are in harmony, and they work very well together.

The very large ethnic pattern rug with its simple geometric design creates a very unexpected contrast in style, a contrast that gives an excellent, refreshing twist to the eclectic luxurious glamorous mix.


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