Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Eclectic bedroom

Eclectic in itself means 'selecting individual elements from a variety of sources or styles'.
An eclectic interior could work beautifully providing there is a link of some sort between the individual elements.
Bedroom; Emma Jane Pilkington. Interior photo via Traditional Home.

When the link that should contribute to this unity is missing, when there is no cohesive relation and harmony between the design choices basically what is left are only individual parts, which, no matter how beautiful they are individually they will struggle to form a whole.

In this interior besides that there is no relation between the furniture choices the 'ingredients' jump at you all at once also: 
- the very large wide-striped rug,
- the tall dresser,
- the large bed, 
- the ceiling light, all of them have a very strong personality, and a too strong presence that together create nothing else but conflict. 
In other words there is no visual hierarchy - which element is the most important one? what are the less important elements?
And in spite of so much personality going on in this interior the room feels bare, it feels unfinished.

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