Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Classic red and green library

A  beautiful classic room in which this particular hue of green (re)creates an old world elegance and distinction, and at the same time the hue acts as a wonderful background for the display of antique pieces.

Library; Virginia, USA. Interior photo via Architectural Digest

The daring green-red complementary color scheme is greatly punctuated by the subtle use of gold in the crown molding, on the bookshelves, and on the art and photos frames, and it relates to the gold in the covers of the books too.

Great - the mix of patterns (on the sofa, rug, chair, decorative pillows) that come in the same red hue and similar sizes but with varied forms, providing variety within the unity.

The spiral staircase on the console table - an excellent detail that draws the eye up, and the composition that includes the large console, the large art, the tall staircase sculpture, the ottoman balances the height and the presence of the built-in bookshelves.

The round table - another excellent choice, its proportions are perfectly appropriate for the room, and its height and heaviness anchor the space.

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