Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Rustic sophisticated dining area in Aspen, Colorado. Did you know that these two words can coexist so well?

Light-filled, restrained color palette, warm textures, excellent proportions, and a wonderful, sophisticated blend of contrasts: expansive wood ceiling, chunky wood beams, strong iron chandeliers, elegant chairs ...
Dining area; Aspen, Colorado, USA. Stephen Sills. Interior photo via Architectural Digest.

The two massive chandeliers:
- act as an excellent unifying element between the kitchen and the dining areas;
- they are also visually strong enough to balance the impact of the wood gabled ceiling and the presence of heavy ceiling beams.

The very large, massive dining table surrounded by no less than twelve chairs:
- makes a great statement;
- it also has excellent proportions to play with this expansive space, ceiling, the beams and the chandeliers.

A polished, elegant in a robust, relaxed, no fuss manner interior.

Rustic and sophisticated perfectly coexist in here.

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