Thursday, January 24, 2013

My Style

In putting together this outfit I started with a sparkly black-and-silver evening dress.

The necklace is my own design.

I wanted to give a twist to this dress and to wear it in a casual way.

Counter-intuitive though, I added even more glitter: I chose a gold lace jacket, and a gold-silver leather belt.
However, in spite of its gold-and-lace combination the jacket has a very casual feeling with its rolled up sleeves and zipper, and the wide leather belt - in this context - toughens the look.

I kept the jacket open, and tie with the belt.

Accessories & Shoes:
- a wood (with some glossy accents) necklace of my own design, 
- a black-and-brown small cross-body bag, 
- and a pair of black booties wrap up the outfit in the relaxed feeling I aimed for, and finish up the look.


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