Saturday, January 12, 2013

Library in the bathroom. Is this an association that works?

We definitely live in an era of multitasking spaces. 
However, some associations work while some simply don't.

Bathroom / Library. Interior photo via Traditional Home.

Although I personally don't like or enjoy to read in the tub - I don't like to have strong light while bathing, I don't like to constantly have to wipe my hands off in order to flip the pages or to have to keep my hands above the water and therefore to get cold, I don't like to expose the book to the steam that damages the paper, ..., some people relax while reading in the bathtub, as suggested in the image above.

But, to go as far as having a real library in the bathroom it's a quite different thing, and I find it at least strange.
Of course, one explanation behind creating such an intriguing space might be something like 'the client wanted it'. 
However, 'the client wanted it' translates - in some cases - in nothing more than the designer acts like a mere executant.
And the fact that the space might have the best venting option that helps with the humidity in a space prone to moisture doesn't mean much either.
Just take the book / the magazine with you while you soak in the tub, and put it away on a shelf outside the bathroom once you are done. You expose the paper to enough moisture while reading it in the tub.

The mural adorning the wall it's a luxurious, not too common, and interesting (unexpected) choice.
It's luxurious to commission a mural in an intimate space like a bathroom, a space that theoretically won't be seen by many.
It's interesting and unexpected to have an active scene depicted instead of a more (expected) serene scene. 
But the mural enhances the space beautifully.

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  1. Hm, yes, the humidity and the steam are fatal to the books(I am a librarian and I know something about preservation.) The bathroom looks impressive but no, I wouldn't like a whole library in it. As you mentioned, take a book with you and relax. About the mural, yes, it is intriguing. It probably works with the whole bathroom layout. Maybe I am too old fashion, lacking creativity and originality!


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