Monday, January 21, 2013

Black, white, and grey open space in Serbia. Does this space look depressing?

First I thought that these images are a mistake.
I thought that these are black and white photos, only to realize - to my dismay - that no, these are the real photos of a real interior.

I feel it's very sad to be surrounded by a mass of black-white-grey.  The space feels so cold, so terribly uninviting, dreadful.

The white in this context doesn't feel bright, it feels oppressing.

All the textures - steel, glass, metal, concrete, brick, leather, plastic - lack any warmth.

One of the reasons this interior fails is its lack of variety and contrast: besides that there is no variety and contrast in color, there is no variety and contrast in texture (there are only cold textures as I just said).
Nor there is any form of unifying repetition, there is no pattern.

The lonely cactus against a bare concrete column actually says more than a thousand words about this room that looks like a deserted space.

Open Space - Living & Dining area; Serbia. ArhitekturaBudjevac. Interior photos via Freshome.

And, a head sculpture placed directly on the floor in an insignificant position tucked against the wall, between a gap in the sheers - it's just desolate.

Also, this space shows, too well unfortunately, that a space full of natural light doesn't equal, and it doesn't automatically translate into a warm place.


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