Monday, January 30, 2012

Interior Decorating: Project in France

See below some of my comments, observations on this interior decorating project.

Redynamiser un salon par des canap├ęs en velours rouge
Interior Decorating Project
Project done by the owners
Interior Photo via Cote Maison

Quite obvious, the central stage in this interior is taken by the bold red upholstered seating arrangement.

The big armchair brings in an element of both subtle contrast and unity - even though it has a different style it relates well with the two sofas due to the identical color and fabric used.

An evident contrast comes from the texture of the textiles set against the thick wood top of the coffee table and the bare wood floor.
Another contrast: the used, passed-down-to-the-next-generation looking furniture against the industrial, functional lighting.

The lighting choice is great, as it ties in perfectly with the other industrial elements in the room - window frames, shelves, ceiling - all reminiscent of the old factory where this space is actually located in.

The glass and metal grid (repetition) in the floor-to-ceiling windows continues on the wall at right.

Nice, unobtrusive window treatment choice - it doesn't compete with the outdoor greenery and it blends in with the interior.

A mirror - casually laid on the floor behind a sofa, art pieces - that are leaned up high on a shelf, informal, cozy pillows that are casually thrown on (and bring in some pattern) - all contribute to the same feeling of bohemian, unpretentious comfort, very lived-in space.

Not a good choice: the wood chair - it's an element that stands out as looking out of place, both the bare frame and the proportion are not related to the rest of the seating pieces.

Design Discoveries

Have a look at my today's finds: from re-purposed to perforated to hand-blown to eccentric they are all such an inspiration.

The lighting pieces below are made from salvaged washing-machine parts, set on a photographer's tripod base, and finished with very original lamp shades:

'Royalty' - Repurposed Lighting
Rewashlamp Project by Portuguese designer To Martins

'Blackswan' - Repurposed Lighting
Rewashlamp Project by Portuguese designer To Martins

'Metropolis' - Repurposed Lighting
Rewashlamp Project by Portuguese designer To Martins

'Corkupine' - Repurposed Lighting
Rewashlamp Project by Portuguese designer To Martins

'Pingballs' - Repurposed Lighting
Rewashlamp Project by Portuguese designer To Martins

'Camouflage' - Repurposed Lighting
Rewashlamp Project by Portuguese designer To Martins

Photos [via]

Here are few examples of modern perforated furniture which use and play with the aesthetic of shadows and lights:

Perforated furniture
By Italian designer Fabrizio Batoni of Studio Batoni, for Esedra

Perforated furniture
By Italian designer Fabrizio Batoni of Studio Batoni, for Esedra

Photos [via]

And here is an unique florescent glass sculpture:

Unique fluorescent scupture
Hand-blown Glass Sculpture
Designed and made by Jeff Zimmerman, USA
Photo [via]

And my last design find for today are an eccentric handcrafted desk and chair made in 1960s:

Eccentric Handcrafted Anthropomorphic Desk and Chair
Desk and Chair
By sculptor David Warner, USA, 1960s

Photo [via]

Friday, January 27, 2012

Interior Design: Extremely Colorful Interior

See below some of my comments, observations on this interior design project.

Interior Design Project
Designer Eric Kohler
Interior Design Photo via Traditional Home

It's so much going on in this girl's room.

More exactly: the interior has an 'entire spectrum' as a color scheme approach, with many colors in vibrant hues, plus various wood tones on the desk, mirror, and side table.

In terms of pattern it's a wide mix again: a large geometric pattern on the floor's carpet, wide-stripe lavender painted walls, small floral pattern on the bed covering, plus various other patterns in the decorative pillows and on the chair's throw.

Regarding the lighting sources, there are three different designs: ceiling and the two lamp tables.

And, like all the above is not enough there is contrast in the furniture styles also: the classic inspired desk and vanity stool are set against the contemporary shapes of the fuchsia chair and the two ottomans.

It's way too much. It's a chaos.
It doesn't look this space has been designed. It looks like someone just threw a lot of things together without having any coherent plan in mind.

Considering that this is a girl's room I think it's great having the intention of doing an exuberant interior.
But things could have been kept very happy, cheerful, colorful yet less chaotic.

Positive - the 'design' has an emphasis on the bed. And very nice the bed is positioned lengthwise which gives it a great use as a daybed too.
Positive - the wide-stripe repetition throughout the room's walls which give a sense of formality.

Interior Design: Project in Beverly Hills

See below some of my comments, observations on this interior design project.

Interior Design Project. Beverly Hills
Designer James Magni

Interior Design Project. Beverly Hills
Designer James Magni
Interior Design Photos via Architectural Digest

Have a look at my today's choice - enjoy this wonderful minimalist interior.

The emphasis is on the hilltop view - full-height glass doors and windows allows it unrestrained. 

The glass walls are perfectly balanced by the full-length white wall at right - with its excellent geometric repetition of white slabs in contrast with the full-length grey fireplace.

Beautiful play of textures, and another great contrast: the polished white on the floor and the softness of the grey-brown rug.

The recessed lighting is complemented by the three minimal task lighting in the conversation area.

Very edited accessories - two identical tall flowers bouquets that emphasize the height and spaciousness of the space and relate the two areas (living and dining); two tabletop sculptures, and another excellent contrast in the blue painting. 

Overall: a distinguished and luxurious ultramodern simplicity.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Interior Design: Project in Barcelona, Spain

See below some of my comments, observations on this interior design project.

An Urban Refuge by Sergi Pons
Interior Design Project
Barcelona, Spain
Architect Sergi Pons
Interior Photo via Dezeen

What is going on here?
My first reaction when seeing this photo was 'Is this a kind of joke?' - I mean a sofa, a table, and a yellow door is considered an interior?

Let's see it in few more details (I take it quite systematically this time):
- no architectural elements, a completely blank space
- pattern: non-existent
- rhythm: encompassed very strangely - through the repetition of the same material from floor to the wall and on the table?
- variety: non-existent
- contrast: in the form of a yellow door!?
- focal point: non-existent
- lighting: poor, there are no layers of lighting (ceiling lighting only) + where are those two directional spots positioned?

I don't know why I have wasted time writing about this project / interior.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Interior Design: Traditional Bedroom in Dallas, Texas

Here is a blue-pink-gold color scheme, a dressed up bed, an ornate mirror, crystal wall sconces, a Lucite bench - with the intention of creating a traditional, romantic, with glamorous touches bedroom.

The room is so predictable.
Also, the room looks unfinished.
And it's missing that 'je ne sais quoi' - something distinctive.
Perhaps because the room lacks pattern.
Perhaps introducing a rug with an interesting design or some pattern on the walls could brake out the predictability of the room, and take this room from a commonly nice to a next level.

Interior Design Project - Bedroom
Dallas, Texas
Designed by Julio Quinones
Interior Photo via  Traditional Home

New Design Discoveries

My new design discoveries:

Gudpaka Lamp by Great Things to People
Gudpaka Lamp. Alpaca hair covered.
By Chilean studio Great Things to People (gt2P)

Gudpaka Lamp by Great Things to People
Gudpaka Lamp. Alpaca hair covered (view from the bottom).
By Chilean studio Great Things to People (gt2P)

I like the artisan feeling of this Alpaca hair covered Lamp.
The outer covering was woven by hand from wasted hair in the process of obtaining Alpaca wool.

Photos [via]

Mesh Coffee Table.
By Spanish company Baltus

I like this industrial - contemporary - metal - glossy - chic - elegant aesthetic (what a list of descriptive words I used!).

Photo [via]

'To Gather' Modular Furniture
By Studio Lawrence, The Netherlands

I like the playfulness of this pieces - both in shape and colors.
As the description itself suggests, the individual furniture pieces are designed to mix-and-match, and linked in combinations that can continually transform.

Photo [via]

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Interior Design: Rustic, Industrial Kitchen in Southampton, New York

See bellow some of my comments, observations on this interior design project.

Interior Design Project
Southampton, New York.
Designer Steven Gambrel
Interior Design Photo via Elle Decor

This is a very nice kitchen - it has an excellent mix of industrial, traditional, and natural elements that give a fresh, relaxed, and timeless feeling.

The ceiling lights create just enough interest up that don't overshadow the floor - which is the main attention 'grabber' with its pattern of black, white, and gray tiles.

Of course the center stage belongs to the raw country table, and the two benches with their nice curved details - they are great, unexpected, self-assured choices.
A great contrast in the industrial pendant lights, and the industrial-looking French doors.

It feels like you are invited to a delightful picnic.

Interior Design: Bed and Breakfast Project in Brussels, Belgium

See below some of my comments, observations on this interior design project.

Interior Design Project
Tenbosch House - Bed & Breakfast Hotel, Brussels, Belgium
Interior Designers Michel Penneman & Catharina Eklof

At first I confused this interior with a private place, only to realize that this is a 'petite' bed and breakfast hotel!
This room has such a wonderful warmth, and private personality!
The high ceilings and the architectural ceiling details, the red plush rug, the marble fireplace, the accessories, and oh, the windows - the large windows that open to the old beautiful facades...
Everything converge so nicely creating a quiet, relaxed, comfortable oasis.
Well done!

Interior Design Photo via Yatzer

Friday, January 20, 2012

Interior Design: Project in Sao Paolo, Brazil

Looking at these images it makes me wonder: Does anyone (really) live in here? Does anyone can feel good being in here?

This is such a generous space, with unobstructed light coming from both sides, yet the place feels so very sad.
One might appreciate the minimalism, the functional only, yet bringing in some decorative elements would do good - this place feels like it has been abandoned.

Interior Design Project
Sao Paolo, Brazil
Designed by Marcio Koga

Interior Design Project
Sao Paolo, Brazil
Designed by Marcio Koga
Interior Design Photos via Fancy Cribs

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Design discoveries

My latest design finds - from sensual shapes to hallucinating ones.

Gravity stool by Jolan van de Wiel

Unique, in a psychedelic way.
I find this piece plain weird, having no trace of beauty.

Photo [via]

'Madame' lamp by Oriol Llahona for Alma Light (the table version)

I like the simple, leaning line of this lamp. I find it sensual in a restrained way.

'Madame' lamp by Oriol Llahona for Alma Light.
The table version, here in the 'half' format

Nice. I like the idea, the option of a 'half' format.
It gives different possibilities on how the lamp(s) can be used in an interior - also as a pair balancing one side of an asymmetrical arrangement (as suggested in the photo above).

Photos [via]

Urban Camper lamp by Chieh Ting Huang

Designer's inspiration for this lamp was drawn from the concept of a lantern, and intends to encapsulate the contrast between the east and west: lanterns as delicate devices in the orient versus lanterns as heavy metal cages in the occidental world.

I follow the designer's intention, I see them transferred into the product, but that's it - the lamp doesn't make any impression on me.

Photo [via]

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Interior Design: Project in Singapore

What interior you would expect to find when seeing the architecture bellow?
Contemporary, most likely.

Well, I suppose you might be very surprise (as I was) that the interior doesn't follow, is not integrated at all with the contemporary architecture.

I am fine with that - I don't think that if one happens to live in a historical building the interior should necessarily reflect that historical era.
The opposite is true also: if the building is contemporary the interior doesn't have to be strictly contemporary.

I've seen many interiors that don't follow the architecture yet it works beautifully.

Unfortunately in the exterior-interior photos below I don't see the contrast working, I only see a discrepancy. 

27 East Sussex Lane Resort villa in the front, contemporary home in the back
House, Exterior

Let's suppose one ignores completely the fact that the exterior and interior are completely disconnected.

But the interior itself with all the furniture aligned along the walls is just ... from a bygone era.
The furniture layout is just wrong.
There is no conversation area, the two sofas are placed across the width of the room, with just a tiny (disproportionate) coffee table that is not even within reach ...

I could go on ...

Overall, this room feels to me more like a hallway rather than a successful (inviting) living room.

Interior Design - Living Room
Interior Design Photos via Decoist

Monday, January 16, 2012

Interior Design: Beach House in Portugal

What can I say: this interior is cutting-edge!
I mean to live with sand inside a home it is quite unconventional - even if that home is a weekend getaway in a small fishing village in Portugal (which has recently become a fashionable summer destination).

It might be charming to enjoy the primal feeling of warm sand between one toes, yet this is not a tent/hut, it suppose to be a real living space. Or not?
How does it work when feeling like curling in one of these sofas? You'll get sand from your toes on the sofas. I doubt this would be pleasant.
How does it work when you drop something? The thing you dropped it it will be with sand all over, and you'll get sand on your hands too. I doubt this would be pleasant.

Well, anyway, livable or not the photos are sure to impress!

Interior Design Project
 Beach getaway, Portugal
The sand floor is warmed by a radiant-heat system

Interior Design Project
Beach getaway, Portugal
In the living area, a kitchen island of white Corian
Interior Design Photos via Elle Decor

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Interior Design: Open Space in Argentina

This house is a beautiful open space, bathed in light.
The minimal furnishings don't distract from the main outdoor view.

Yet, it doesn't feel warm, and inviting to me. What I feel is a cold, impersonal space.
And the two 'punches' of color in the red chairs - where they meant to add some interest, and to break down the monochromatic color scheme used throughout?
I see them more like an intrusion, not successfully integrated with the rest of the furnishings.

Interior Design Project
Carrara House, Argentina
Andres Remy Arquitectos
Interior Design Photo via Contemporist

Ceramic sculptures by Swedish artist Eva Hild

I find beautiful this 'continuously flowing entity’ as the sculptor herself described her sculpture.
Ceramic sculpture by Swedish artist Eva Hild

Photo [via]

Thursday, January 12, 2012

A brilliantly hued space

Daring? Yes.
Do I find the result appealing? I don't think so.

Photo via Elle Decor