Thursday, November 15, 2012

Mix of patterns - Children's bedroom in Slovakia

Good and ingenious use of space - in a long and narrow room the two beds are orientated in one line, head-to-head, a choice that excellently doubles them as a very long bench to be used during daytime.

Also, this layout frees up the center of the room - which works very well in a children's room as children spend a lot of time on the floor.

However, the combination of patterns, shapes and lines, and colors:
- 3D curves - on the ceiling, on the walls, 
- vertical stripes - on the walls, 
- horizontal stripes - on the beds' upholstery, 
- horizontal stripes - the veins in the wood running perpendicular to other horizontal stripes on the beds,
- circles - on the beds' frames, on the wardrobes, 
- a graphic tree above the beds,
- graphic floral pattern in different colors - on the curtains,
- bright color paint - on the windows wall,
- different bright color paint - on the opposite wall, near the door,
- two vivid patterns - on the two rugs,
- vivid colors - on the decorative pillows, on the shelves along the walls - is too much, bringing too much variety, and constantly distracting the attention from one element to another. 

Although the mixture of geometrics on the walls are united by the same colors and size, and the repetition of wood creates unity throughout, overall the room feels out of control. 
In other words, in spite of some good unity there are too many focal points and unrelated elements that create a disconcerting result. border=
Children's bedroom; Slovakia. Neopolis. Interior photos via Freshome.

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