Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Contemporary Living area in Lima, Peru

Very high ceiling. Too large art. An unhappy furniture layout.

The art on the wall above the sofa is way out of scale.
Yes, the space is large, and theoretically a large scale art would work, but theory and reality are sometimes two different things.
In this case, the art's huge size seems to overwhelm and dwarf everything else in this space - the proportions are not played well.

The act of playing piano might be in some cases a solitaire act for one's pure individual pleasure and relaxation.
Yet, to place a sofa with the back to the back of the piano's player transmits too much something like 'I completely ignore you, the person playing at that piano'.
And to choose two separate rugs for the seating and for the piano area placed at strange angles totally breaks off this social space.

Also, the back of a sofa placed in such a central position is very uninviting and obstructs a pleasant visual flow.

Instead, a simple re-thinking of the seating arrangement could lead to a much better continuity and relation between the two seating / piano playing areas:
- Just switch the position of the sofa with the ottoman's position and the room will have an entirely different, and more coherent feel.

By altering the room in this small way:
- the back of the sofa is so much less visible, therefore uninviting,
- the back of the sofa in this new position creates a nice path to / from the door near it,
- the low ottoman allows for a  much better visual interaction with the piano area.

Living area; Lima, Peru. Gomez de la Torre & Guerrero Architects. Interior photos via Freshome.

My suggestions for a different furniture layout don't intend to be a thorough or set-in-stone 'solution' but rather an inspiration.
And I hope they help.

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